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PetCPR donates
Animal Oxygen Masks to local fire departments.

Are You Prepared to Help Your Pet in an Emergency?

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“Play hard but play safe.”

Be prepared for emergencies,
 Learn Pet First Aid!

Why should you learn Pet First Aid?

Do you know how to:

 Protect both yourself and your pet from injury?

 Perform rescue breathing and CPR?

 Stop bleeding and treat for shock?

 Prevent and act if your pet is poisoned?

 Handle sudden illnesses, including car sickness?

 Treat your pet if exposed to extreme cold or heat?


Learn how to help save your pets’ life!

This four hour course will help prepare you to take  emergency action, if your pet suffers an injury or illness, until you can get to a qualified veterinarian.

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Pet First Aid for the iPhone and Android!


Pet First Aid is at your fingertips with detailed articles, video, and illustrations to help you care for your dog or cat. Record your pet’s vital medical information to ensure their veterinarian is never more than a touch away, and your pet will never miss another vaccination. 

Pet First Aid is loaded with detailed videos and step-by-step illustrations so you’ll know exactly what to do when caring for your pet.

Videos include: restraint, muzzling, CPR, bandaging, and many more. All articles, videos, and illustrations are bundled with the application for offline or wilderness access. 

Featuring dozens of articles, including: bleeding, poisoning, drowning, rescue breathing and CPR, muzzling, restraining, disaster preparedness, bites and stings, burns, and many more. 

In addition, Pet First Aid allows you to save vital medical information for all your pets. Easily record their vaccinations, identifications, veterinarian contact info, medications, allergies & conditions, and any other notes for reference when visiting the veterinarian.

Learn more….

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